Loving Audiobooks

The last several months I have been reading audiobooks fairly regularly. It’s getting me such great knowledge and such that I wouldn’t get from a book because I probably wouldn’t read the book. I think especially for self help audiobooks will be a very popular format. Just like the audio format for dating podcasts I feel is a better, more personal and enjoyable experience than from a book. The audiobook I’m currently listening to is “The marshmallow Test “. It’s about how you can learn to have better self control.

So happy

I’m so happy that I started up doing my podcast yesterday and that I started a podcast for this video game duel league I run. I just made a weekly Calendar reminder for this. I think it’s good to try and reinforce positive behaviors that I see myself make. I’m just so happy to have such a positive outlook on things lately. Normally I do have a sunny disposition, but this is just a heightened state of happiness for me. I will try to make good use of it for now. I’ll probably roll back down to a more normal mood soon, but I will still be a very positive person then too. My goal with this blog, my podcasts etc are to connect with people, express myself, slowly grow my audience, try and figure who is my audience and maybe when why are they listening? I look forward to reading more blogs of others and hearing more different podcasts. I’m getting very into these worlds now. Anyway thanks for listening yall. JAMBA

I’m back podcasting and blogging.

Hi yall,

I’m back podcasting and blogging after mostly a long absence. I’ve done a few podcasts here and there and one for awhile about a video game league I’m in. So I recorded this 10 min clip from my bed while I was HIGH on some vape weed. Turns out only about 90 seconds recorded. I’ll still share it here cuz this is what is gonna propel me to do more podcast episodes in the future.

Listen to I’m back podcasting by Lewish3 #np on #SoundCloud

What happens when a MANIC BASTARD and a man of STYLE try and host a radio show, TUNE IN and find out